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We carefully choose our suppliers and products, taking into account the wishes and needs of our clients. A wide range of carefully selected partners enables us to offer our customers the best products, whether it is ceramics, furniture or sanitary ware, while simultaneously ensuring the maximum value for money.

Designed high quality bathroom furniture

A Bathroom furniture with sophisticated design for modern, elegant bathrooms where smart, essential lines prevail. Our suppliers apply constant, creative research to designing perfectly balanced collections featuring innovative materials, shapes and finishes. Every bathroom décor project, complete with accessories and finishes to meet all tastes, is designed to ensure comfort, functionality and beauty. Every single detail enhances the elegant, modern style.

Warm Collection

Kerakoll Design House is an integrated project featuring innovative materials – cement, resin, handcrafted wood, micro-coatings, paints and glazes – coordinated in a single colour palette. A new style of interior design, where the environments and the walls merge into each other: materials, textures and colours blend together. Floors and coatings, walls, fixtures, furnishing accessories, lighting and heating fixtures all become a single seamless surface.


The atmosphere of the Warm collection is the fruit of exclusive, sophisticated research into textures, finishes and colours, in the unmistakeable style of Piero Lissoni. Warm is an elegant chromatic journey from white to black, through all the richness of neutral and natural tones, where the identity of each colour is enhanced by the presence of the others. But it is also an exploration of tactile and textural aspects: from surfaces as smooth as silk to irregular ones with a natural grain. Finally, it is a refined visual experience: from mineral marbling to the refinement of handmade imperfections, to light refraction effects that create a suggestive and elegant atmosphere with great purity of form.

"We use innovative furnishing concepts that give new character to the bathroom environment. We work with a wide range of bathroom furniture ranging in different proposals with capability and style: from the natural color to the charm of trendy lacquered shades, always with an impeccable attention to every detail. Our goal is to reinterpret the spaces in a functional and elegant way, combining the various bathroom furnishing accessories. "