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L2C manages all aspects of your project, from concept to completion. Working on a variety of projects, from luxury apartments and homes through vacation properties to commercial properties; our talented team is dedicated to providing a distinctive design that reflects in detail the wishes and needs of our clients.

Interior Architecture

L2C approaches each project holisticly and comprehensively. We take into account any heritage as well as possible conservation protection of the building that could affect the construction work and inteior design. Our team looks at best ways to improve every aspect of the space available, applying strategic thinking within the functionality framework.

Interior Design

The L2C team approaches each project as a unique design experience, taking into account the client's lifestyle, preferences and personal needs while interpreting his or her tastes and desires in order to create the perfect space.

We use our team's knowledge and experience in all areas of design, together with carefully thought out details, to translate selected topics and creative concepts into pragmatic solutions that reflect particular aspects of a given design program.

Procurement and Project Coordination

L2C offers a complete procurement service of furniture, fittings and equipment. We use our purchasing power and established  supplier relationships  to ensure that our customers receive optimal products and quality at the best available prices.

We manage and oversee the development of the project by solving in a timely and pragmatic manner all issues that arise during the process. Project coordination is an integral part of our delivery process and an essential part of successful project implementation.

Installation and Decoration

Our team manages the transportation and logistics process for delivering furniture, inventory and equipment to the site. We coordinate the installation process in detail so that the furniture, inventory and equipment supplied are carefully and optimally installed in accordance with the prepared design documentation.

Particular attention is paid to the decoration to which we approach with the attention to every detail, given the desired final appearance of the interior. For spaces that are intended for commercialization through sale or rent, we approach decorating in collaboration with internal and external photography and marketing associates to optimize the space decoration for photography and media promotion purposes.